About Us

Welcome to Growing Bebé. We are Millie and Gillian, the faces behind the brand. We are a small family run business founded upon the values of two mums, and the dream to produce sustainable, quality and handmade children's clothing and curated collections from like-minded brands. 

You may know me, Millie, from Amelia Jane Designs; the brand inspired by the birth of my daughter Zoey and love of the Australian bush. After welcoming my second bebe, Enzo, we found ourselves with fuller hearts but increasingly less space in our home to keep clothing pieces. The idea of having longer-lasting clothes would become a necessity. It was then that I came across the 'grow with me' romper pattern - a piece intended to grow with bebe through their precious first years of life. As I researched deeper into sustainable children's clothing, I came across a number of small businesses that I resonated with, and fell in love with their philosophies on sustainability and efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and preserve this beautiful planet for our children.

My name is Gillian, and I am Zoey and Enzo’s auntie. As I navigated my way through the early stages of motherhood, I found my son Leonardo's clothing was unable to keep pace with his rapid growth - an issue that many parents know too well. My focus turned to finding pieces that could be treasured over multiple seasons and stages of Leonardo's life, and in turn, reducing contributions to fast fashion and ultimately landfill. With this mission in mind, I would then join Millie and come to be one of the driving forces behind Growing Bebe.

Striving to achieve sustainability is a learning process, and we all have our part in caring for this planet that we call home. As we learn and grow, we invite you to walk beside us. Slow down our fashion, and slow down our impact on the home we leave behind for our children.

Love, Millie & Gillian x